2oo Recettes

200 Recettes  de vol, de fraude, de déception , de fausses déclarations, de détournement des fonds, de chantage, de mensonges.

SOLD at Bound to be Different

200 recettes

The ephemera: old book cover, old yard stick, anagram letters, vintage photo, copper crown



7 thoughts on “2oo Recettes

    • Hi Alys. I wanted to do something with my stick people and I had the idea to use some of my old book covers as frames. I liked the title 200 recipes and thought that it would partner well with this little liar. 200 recipes for deceit was the result. I think my dark side was emerging a bit with this one!😨

      • I like your dark side. We all have one. Better to express it with your art, eh? 😉

        Guess what? I just found the magazine I had planned to bring you on our visit North. It’s called Where Women Create and it made me think of you. I will send it soon, along with Tell the Wolves I’m Home.

        Or…you can fly to Edmonton in July and collect it in person. 🙂 Wouldn’t that be fun?

      • I liked your Canadian eh, hahaha. I will look forward to some summer reading. Edmonton is tempting… but I am staying put this summer. 🙂 🙂 Cheers Alys.

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