Summers at the beach at Saltair. 

Alberta and May gossiping in the shade.

The picnic, tucked in the basket can wait awhile.

Halycon days, watching  the grand children

sailing, padding, collecting shells.

Altered Cigar Box


The ephemera: Vintage photo of  Alberta and May. Antique original handwritten letter, original vintage postcard of sail boat, original vintage Map Projections from old Atlas, original vintage bill receipt and and a snippet of an original  vintage program to see Madame Butterfly.

The found objects: antique glass bottle, small sea urchin skeleton, fish vertebra, quartz crystal, bit of broken shell and and old cigar box.

Back of the Box : Map Projections


Details: Alberta and May, my two grandmothers, relaxing at the Beach at Saltair, Vancouver Island, Canada, in 1949 or 1950.





12 thoughts on “Saltair

  1. How lovely to see you again, frenchapple. Have missed you. Now, can you please remind me: some time in second half of last year, I was inspired to create an artwork by a blogger’s phrase ‘bird o’clock’. Was it you?

    • Hello Art and Soul. Thanks for the welcome back. I have spent the last 4 winter months camping out in the yard while my husband and I did a major reno on our seaside cottage. Creativity was involved but not in the studio. We are not quite done but the kitchen is fully functional so I will have more time soon for the studio and social media. I do not think that it was me who wrote your inspiring line but I am not sure. I will go check your page out. Cheers. W.

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