The Boathouse

The idyllic days spent down at the boathouse,

preparing the rigging,

checking the sails,

pottering about.


In the house series 8/9

The ephemera: map from japanese school atlas circa WWII; antique handwriting, reproduction of vintage postcard

The found objects: antique optical lense, vintage typewriter striker key, vintage numbered tack.

Size:  4 inches by 12 inches house shaped wooden block

24 thoughts on “The Boathouse

  1. Lovely lovely lovely.
    I have a painting called ‘Dear Little Boathouse’. They can be charming, intriguing structures, don’t you think? A bit like a child’s cubby house, but for grownups. (Ooo I hope cubby house is a universal term – not just Australian).

    • thank you Cool is good. I have minions that bring me cool stuff…i friend was visiting oregon and picked up a Japanese WWII school atlas replete with swastikas peppered through it….at a tiny bookstore and gave it to me …”I thought you might like it” she said…” DRRR Gah um yuh! ” I responded.

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