He rarely left the Gate house,

preferring the Rolls, the Bentley, the Daimler to the Family.

He only barely put up with their presence

while chauffeuring them around the country side.

So naturally he became the prime suspect.


The gate house

In the house series 7/9

The ephemera: old railway map of Britain, reproduction of vintage car illustration, reproduction of vintage mugshot, decorative paper.

The found object: antique key

15 thoughts on “THE GATE HOUSE

  1. Strange and weird things happened in The Gate House. Mysterious figure came and went. Lights in the window late into the night. Noises – unaccountable noises know one could identify. Who is this man who resides in The Gate House

      • OMGosh, you would have died at this antique clock case we saw in San Jose. I even said to Alys, “that’s something Wilma would make something fab out of”. After thinking about it for a day, we went back but it was gone…rats, “ya snooze ya lose”…it was only $23….ding dong!

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