The quail quietly tiptoed in and made herself at home.

Squatter’s rights she then declared.

And just like that, she expropriated his inheritance,

leaving him in exile on  St. Helena.

SOLD (at the Teeny Tiny Art Show)


In the house series: 5/9

The ephemera: original notarized document from 1868, reproduction of natural history quail illustration, decorative paper, original vintage stamp from St. Helena, vintage photo of spooking house.

Found object: old game number

14 thoughts on “BIRD HOUSE

  1. Delightful! Made me smile.
    Reminds me of brush or bush turkeys we have here in Australia. They are quite assertive in their territorial rights. And bulky and clunky too. Probably a darn sight noisier than your quail.

  2. You have been very prolific in your art room! This one looks rather diabolical indeed. the spookie house especially gives chills. I find bird talons especially creepy unless they are wee little birdies. I’ve set out a feeder near my porch and the little sparrows are singing the house down…I hope the neighbours find them just as delightful x k

    • Ah K. who wouldn’t want to have you as a neighbour…noisy birds and all. Yes I have been on a little run in the art studio…last house is complete and now for a return to the assemblages…I have a great motorcycle gal I am dying to use.

      • Awwww, thanks W. Vroom-Vroom! Motorcycles hey? Sounds interesting. I follow a blog called “Life on a Bike and other Fab things”. We all stayed at Laurie’s on our spring trip to Virginia. She’s adorable, hardworking and now running for office in the Virginia Assembly (akin to our Provincial Government). She bikes on a Harley and shares photo’s of places on the road…….oh ya, she’s like 5′ tall and a crackerjack. Good things come in small packages 😀 But hey, I’m preaching to the choir on that one. x K

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