Hey little goldfish

Where you going to?

Little goldfish let me swim along with you.

Little goldfish, we’ll have a whale of time

Put your fin in mine.

-from the movie “Hello Down There”

SOLD 🙂 at the Teeny Tiny Art Show


In the house series 4/9

The ephemera: reproduction of vintage bathing beauties photo, vintage image of blue fish, original vintage letter and stamp from 1904, decorative paper.

The found objects: old key hole, vintage label from old tool cabinet, old game piece number.

Size 10.5 inches by 3 inches house shaped wooden block

16 thoughts on “BEACH HOUSE

  1. I love this piece! It’s warm and whimsical and a beautiful vintage blend.

    It also reminds me of my Aunt Alys who was a bathing beauty model in her day. I’ll search out the photo and will share it on FB.

      • Wilma, isn’t that dancing Vogue pattern a hoot? It’s such a simple GIF, but so unexpected.

        And thanks for reminding me. I looked for it on FB but can’t find it. I’ll post it again and will tag you.

  2. Always cool stuff you find Wilma. Isn’t that a beautiful stamp on the vintage letter? Love the writing too. OMgosh, I wish I could write like that. Get this! I’ve used that exact paper on a project thats in the gable of your beach house. What have you mounted all this on W?

    • Hi K yes that envelope came replete with the gorgeous stamp…it was one of my vintage fair finds from this summer. I mounted this collage on MDF 3/4 inch thick, cut into a house shape by the mister…he made me a mixed matched set of 9 house shapes at the beginning of the summer, earning himself many brownie points..being French Canadian, he thought that meant I was making him brownies…So I ended up baking him blackberry pie. Family support….priceless!

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