She was obsessed with the dollhouse. Nothing, but nothing else would hold her interest.

NB: New “In the  house” series : 1 of 9.

SOLD (at the Teeny Tiny Art Show)

The ephemera : original vintage dictionary page ( with cool definitions like guillotine, gullible, guinea pig, guile and guardian ) ; snippet of a vintage calling card; vintage photo of solemn girl and doll; decorative victorian motif; original French stamp of general de Gaulle; photo of odd house number from fantan alley in Victoria, BC.

The found objects: german frozen charlotte doll

Size: 3.5 inches x 12 inches x 1 inch on house shaped wooden block

22 thoughts on “DOLL HOUSE

  1. You’ve been very busy Wilma. I thought I’d go in chronological order after realizing you have a series posted here. Were they a commission for someone? They’d look cute all hung together. I had this exact haircut as a little girl. Saved $$ on hair bows and burettes, ha! I’m always curious as to how you decide what to use. I magic little recipe in your head perhaps? The G’s on this dictionary page are interesting and also the number being that its an address and 1/2. Cool.

    • The idea for this series just randomly popped into my head…after i completed the first one i just kept going. they are hanging in a group on my studio wall for the moment but will go to the gallery when the set is complete. This little gruesome girl just seemed to match the g page…guillotine.guile. guardian. guinea pig !

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