Cycling along the seine, on a winter’s day.

Winding your way through narrow streets, over bridges and quays.

You warm up with croissants and cafe au lait

Seven impossible adventures are coming your way.

GIFTED to Zabrina

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ephemera: original Paris vintage postcard, original love letter from early 1900s, original grocery receipt from 1910. Reproductions of vintage bicycle, tree in winter. Decorative diamond paper with old text.

Found objects: antique wooden anagram letters, vintage house number.

Size 12 inches by 12 inches on wooden cradle



    • Hi Sheldon, thank you, and thank you for the nice comment on Hello Fig’s post. I am not sure what you are referring to, but if you mean the friend who was coming to pick up art for her new gallery/store…she took the majority of my work…and I let her. I am getting over it and starting to produce new work already. 🙂

    • thank you Alys. i was thinking of you today…the island has been declared a level 4 drought zone…the sky is yellw orange and it is snowing ashes…this is a very new experience for us islanders…i know you have been living with drought and fires for several years now…very disturbing.

      • Oh my dear. That is distressing news, Wilma. Snowing ash is not only scary, but damaging to people’s respiratory system, especially people with asthma. What does level 4 mean in terms of your limitations? Very disturbing indeed.

      • level 4 drought means the forest is closed. no fires. no small machinery like lawn mowers excavators chainsaws to be used in case of sparks…hand watering of gardens only and only twice a week no filling of pools or washing vehicles or ciment. we have several communities on standby for partial evacuation in yhe north and central island…this is unprecedented…i do not understand how our federal government can be in such denial about global warming. i know that much of your area is also threatened and i read with interest the measures you personally are taking in your own gardening practices. i will be following suit next season. thanks for your concern Alys. pic

      • Thank you for including the picture. I didn’t see the link the first time I read your comments. I’ve since read several articles and watched video as well. It’s horrible to see the destruction, the smoke and to realize, too, how early you are in the fire season.

        I hope some cooling rain arrives soon that might help douse the flames.

        I really miss gardening. I’ve had to really let go this summer.

  1. Enjoying your lovely artwork. curious about the seven impossible adventures.
    Then just read your alarming drought situation. Not even sure where you are talking about, but the effects of climate change sure are scary. And they are upon us in so many places.
    May your Parisian adventures be filled with delight.

    • Hello. Thank you. I am glad you enjoy my work. I live on Vancouver Island in Western Canada which is usually very wet, so the drought and extreme smoke from fires is very unusual and alarming. As for the 7 adventures…well why not a trip to Deyrolles to buy a stuffed Zebra, chez Odette for some choux à la crème, play pétanque with les monsieurs at les arènes de lutèces, dance with the little dog on les quais du seine whose owner is playing the accordion, cross over to the other bank via le pont neuf stopping to admire the view, whiz with your bike along to Saint Paul to check out the antique shops and finally head to le marais to listen to jazz by street musicians while munching on a baguette sandwich with some wonderful cheese. There…I think that is 7…but I am sure you can come up with your own.

      • Wow. You paint a wondrously inviting picture with words as well as images. I love the 7 impossible adventures. May need to suggest 7 impossible adventures in Sydney, Australia, which is where I live.
        Sorry to hear of drought and extreme fires where you are. I live in a country familiar with drought, bushfire, cyclone, although here in the city so far in my life, I’ve been fairly protected from such extremes. It’s all changing though.
        very best wishes to you.
        PS I wonder when the world politicians will take strong action in response to climate change. The Dutch people recently took matters into their own hands. Gosh. I rarely get political online, but here we are.

      • Thank you for your kind wishes. i would love to have 7 adventures in Sydney. Yes I dont get political on my blog usually either but we are all quite worried over here. The dutch people are forward thinking we can all learn from them. Best wishes to you as well.

  2. Wouldn’t it be grande to cycle around Paris? I bought a postcard in Paris (a reproduction of an old photograph), it had a guy bicycling with a young girl on the handlebars. I really loved it but gifted it to our tour guide with a note of thanks, indicating that would be Jim and I without her. Loved you little verse too, makes me want to go back tomorrow. xk

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