Via Air Pelican

Letters, packages, presents, tied up with string;

Cards, bills, receipts, invites and other things;

Post scripts, money orders, and mail order brides

All are waiting to leave, with the morning tide.

Rush order! fragile! or handle with care!,

Caution! this way up!  return to sender,  if you dare.

Stamps, stickers, post marks and registered mail.

Snow, rain, heat, even gloom of night won’t make us quail.

Via Air Pelican will deliver your mail… without fail.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ephemera: reproductions of old natural history image of pelican, vintage air mail envelope, vintage airmail stamps and labels, decorative paper with text.

7 inches by 7 inches on wooden block.

13 thoughts on “VIA AIR PELICAN

  1. May I ask: do you have a certain process? Is it colors that come together first or are you interesting more in telling a story? You make collaging (is that a word?:) look so easy the way your items appear to come together so naturally. Love pelicans; love this guy. Very grateful he’s just toting the mail and no babies.ha!

    • Hi Trishia…well i am glad it looks easy because it often involves lots of trial and error and a big dollop of play. Each piece is different but commonly i start with an image or found object…in this case the pelican, and then ideas start to flow. i usually pull several other elements that might go or not…in this case letters and post cards. ..i tried about 10 different ones but i kept coming back to the blue airmail one. i knew i wanted to anchor it with something darker…naked muybridge ladies? airmail stickers? but no.. diamonds won out. Finally the piece gelled with the imperial airways label as the narrative started to suggest itself. Other pieces like the assemblage box…this man refused to open his eyes… start with with a single image (the mug shot) that evokes the narrative and then i search for other elements to complete the tale…the mouse trap, the padlock, the barnacle encrusted door nob. I do always of course consider colour, shape, light and dark and movement… basic design principles when working on the layout. So my dear Trishia, the short answer is…it just depends on my mood. Lol.

  2. Stayed up late to return visits. I wish I had time to do it more but as always, your art inspires W. Have you managed to mess up your beautiful new artroom yet? I spent a night ago last tidying up mine. Your swan assemblage is the only piece of art I’ve hung so far but I’m hoping to add to it. I’ve gone mad for Gelli-printing. I think it’s fun the cancel mark on the stamp says Victoria but it’s actually Hong-Kong 😀 xK

    • Yes, It most certainly is messy, I was madly preparing for a vintage fair that happened today. Very successful and fun. Lots of networking. I nabbed an underwood typewriter from the 1920s for 15 dollars, it’s not fully functionally but almost. He he.

      • !!! $15 !!! You lucky duck. That’s going to look great in your art room! Congratulations on your success today, It’s awesome when people gravitate to your work. Please post your find, I’m dieing to see that. I’m so envious, I would have loved a vintage fair!! xK

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