New game : altered cigar box

What was she up to?

A new game, it appears.

What will her next move be?

Only she holds the key.




The ephemera:  original document cover from 1855, reproduction of swan game board, reproduction of soap label, reproduction of vintage postcard, reproduction of natural history image of bird’s nest, reproduction of botanical illustration, handmade rag paper, leaf ribbon scrap, reproduction of old topography.

The found objects: old Parisian key hole, vintage key, old cigar box


11 thoughts on “New game : altered cigar box

  1. It’d be interesting to know more about that swan game board. It’s pretty interesting looking. Like number 17, a guy falling off a ladder and number 14, a guys pulled all the dishes of the table. The men were blundering through this one…LOL

  2. So I found the rules. The Swan of Elegance has 32 plates each depicting a child engaging in a moral or immoral act. It is a game for two players and a dice is used to advance through the game. When you land on a plate you read the verse from the rule book… for example Polite Phoebe or Quarrelsome Tom and if the act is a moral one you are rewarded with points or advancing through the game and if it is an immoral one you are punished by losing points or by moving backwards. I could only find one page of the rule book. I love it even more now. I’ll bet this game was played with a governess and her little charges.

    • That’s so FANTASTIC! Bravo Wilma 😀 I love that we can imagine the scene. Yes, for sure a pretty board like this was part of ones privileged day. I’m amazed you were you able to find that info? I still really enjoy board games, old school all the way. Thanks for sharing ‘The Swan of Elegance’. How cool is that?

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