SOLD to Mona

Travelling onwards, leaving the past behind them. No more bills, no more commitments, no more hoarding, no more secrets…Nevermore. The ephemera: old love letter from 1800s, old dictionary page (hoarder), old mechanical manual page; reproductions of old sheet music cover, old French pharmacy label, ancienne facture, old sheet music and autograph page from my grandmother to my mother; reproductions of natural history illustrations, vintage train clock and old map of London; various decorative papers; a variety of vintage numbers both original and reproductions.

12 inches by 24 inches by 2 inches wooden cradle.

13 thoughts on “Travellers

  1. hmmmm, three traveling crows and you traveling soon with 2 sisters…..hmmmm

    Ha! Hi Wilma. Getting back into the swing of things after my trip and a very busy work period. I love the variety of documents you used. I biggie-fied to see them all in their glory. I especially enjoyed house 60 and 1/2…LOL. wonderful!

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