Mme D’amour: Maison Meublée

Maison Meublée à louer…Paris apartment, fully furnished for rent.

What does Mme D’Amour keep in her aparto? Is it full of art deco?


Why a swan of course, enchained by a golden choker, accompanied by some coral from the South Seas and a healing crystal. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Twin tarnished crowns complete the decor. Maison meublée by Madame D’Amour.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Vines and Time to top it all off.   Always “À la une ”  is Madame d’ Amour.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The ephemera: old French notarized document (original), British station clock (reproduction), old Swan game board (reproduction) , old French advert (reproduction), botanical illustrations (reproduction).

Found objects: coral, quartz crystal, wooden drawer pull, vintage drawer pull, vine ribbon, brass crowns, old cigar box.

Thank you to Graphic`s Fairy for the French topography  and Bibliodyssey for the Swan game board image


19 thoughts on “Mme D’amour: Maison Meublée

  1. Hi W, happy spring! are you out working the garden yet? As your son may have reported, we’ve just gotten another bit of snow…gah!
    That cigar box is a bit unusual isn’t it? The gate opening that is. Perfect for your project. At first I thought the swan was tattoo’d, but now I see it’s a series of drawings. Somehow it makes me a little sad that it’s held back by a crown collar and chain. I recognize the leaf ribbon, Alys sent me some when she used it on a costume she made, I’ve tucked bits and pieces of it into a number of projects.

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