Ostrich on the run : art tag

Hurry, scurry, hop to it. You’re late. You’ll never get there on time.

Run, scoot, off with you! Skidaddle, fly, get a move on!

Step on it! Time is of the essence so snap to it , I say!

Come on, giddy up! Let`s go!


The ephemera : old book cover, original French bill from 1900, natural history image of ostrich, old airmail sticker from Peru, muybridge`s running lady, vintage clock face.


19 thoughts on “Ostrich on the run : art tag

  1. I hate to be rushed, but I sure like this! The running lady combined with the ostrich — parfait. I just hope I can remember all this ‘smart art’ things I learning from you:) Must say, that lady is traveling light.hehe

  2. Cute intro W, my favourite (usually directed at Mr B) is, “come on, get the lead out”. Oh and Mary Poppin’s says, “spit-spot”. You almost wouldn’t mind getting a bill if they were all so beautiful. The penmanship was so lyrical.

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