Trifling with Eiffel: assemblage

Marie was all cut up.

How could he have trifled with her so?

“Enough!” she said and on went the new frock.

Time to rejoin society.





Front of the box when closed.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ephemera: cover from a legal document 1828, old receipt from 1879 (reproduction) , old  handwritten envelope, vintage postal stamps and stickers, old metro ticket (reproduction), vintage French postcard (reproduction)

The found objects: old optical lense, feather, old cigar box

Thank you to Trishia Jacobs Carney of French Kissed Postcards  for the gift of the Eiffel girl postcard. I hope you like what I have done with her.

Thank you to Alwen of Belle Brocante for the lovely old document and for the inspiring day that gave me a start on this project. See Art Play Date for details.


13 thoughts on “Trifling with Eiffel: assemblage

  1. Wilma, I am so honored that you used my Eiffel lady and made her look so good:)!! I’m especially happy that she wised up and got over that loser. My vision may be playing tricks on me but it looks like you have three layers: her in the background, then the French script (luv it!) and her again cut up. I like the way that background layer fills in the gaps in her dress. I could “get lost” just looking at that right side. I’m drawn in and taken back in time, examining each detail, to ferret out Marie’s love story. Remerciements!

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