Calcul: assemblage

Calcul mal fait!

Ils croyaient avoir tout prévu:

le château d’eau , la corde , la somnifère, la clé.

Hélas, ils ont raté leur coup et les voila en dedans…

5 ans au prison de Caen.

Altered cigar box

The ephemera : vintage mug shot, handwritten document from 1828 (original), old image of water tower, étiquette prisons de Caen, page from school calculations notebook 1879 (original) .

The found objects: old cigar box, vintage Canadian uniform button, old wooden checkers piece, small bottle of china paint, old electrical tag, vintage key, old wooden letterpress number.

14 thoughts on “Calcul: assemblage

  1. I always learn a lot when I search for meaning in your art. I’ve learned that the French City of Caen was a very strategic point in June of 44 when the British 3rd Infantry attempted to take the city. Two water obstacles were the objective. This may or may not have anything at all to do with your piece. If the fact that there’s a water tower, the number 3, the Caen emblem and military uniform button in your art be entirely a coincidence, I’ve still managed to learn something 😀 x K

    • No trade secret. I find some at vintage and antique shops, Sometimes my family and friends beachcomb and scavenge for me…”here is something gross and rusty, it made me think of you,” is how it usually goes. Whenever I have the great good luck to travel to London and Paris, I fill my suitcases from the wonderful flea markets there. I also buy junk on line through Esty and Ebay, but that quickly becomes a dangerous slippery slope of spending too much on weird stuff like glass eyeballs, numbered tacks, pen nibs and the like. There are free sites for paper ephemera, I have listed my favorites under my blog roll. For this particular piece…the key I bought in London, the little bottle belonged to my aunt ( she had a huge collection that no one but I wanted ) and the electrical tag was a gift from a flea market vendor ( he threw in a handful of them when I bought a huge lot of old house numbers) and the printing press letter came from a local vintage shop. The cigar box was a gift from the Mister…he gave me 24 for Christmas. So I am a magpie, see “The borrower” it is my self-portrait.

      • wow! i can just imagine a drawer full of all those wonderful things! how do you start a piece?

        everything here is so new, i’d be hard pressed to find anything like that here. i haven’t traveled in ages, but when i do, i’ll have to go ephemera hunting!

        i love touching old things, they have character and a history. do you feel like that when you go through your all your bits and pieces?


      • Wow! Are those little cubbies in drawers? Boy, I’d love to see your collection in person!

        I collect antique pen and ink stuff, so I can understand having to force oneself to buy a reasonable number of things!

        How did you start making assemblages? Maybe collecting things when you were a kid? 🙂

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