When Alwen from Belle Brocante invites you for an art play date…you drop everything and shout YES!!!! and then you hyperventilate from sheer glee.

She is my  collage  guru and I have learned so many great tricks and techniques from her over the years…..And, she also is a lovely, generous, fun person….. And, her creativity is awe inspiring.

I packed up some supplies and headed down island to Victoria to Alwen’s house.

20150131_153126 6a0120a5a7681c970c01910473b027970c (1)







Her house is like Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe. It takes a while to drink it all in.

I drooled over her new acquisitions from her latest Brocante treasure hunting trip to France. She will be selling many of her fabulous finds on her etsy shop.: Oscar Naylor











We had a great time catching up and creating together.  I started work on a couple of new assemblage boxes while Alwen worked on painting some antique Natural History Illustrations with water colours.


2015-02-01 10.37.55 2015-02-01 10.33.43

Charlie her adorable cat made sure he got his fair share of our attention.




Thank you Alwen for a great day!



  1. It’s great when you get to plug into some great inspiration, from what I see you are moving in great direction, I too am moving I have a show coming up this Friday I’m so excited, I have such a low threshold for excitement it doesn’t take much to get me going, I always look forward to seeing your work it’s always so inspiring,

  2. I’m gaga over all those beautiful old storage cabinets too. What a fun date! Don’t you wish you could go snoop around France too, I would fall on the floor with happiness if I could. I also like all the black wall shadow box’s for display. Eclectic eye candy all around. No wonder you’re pals xo

    • Yes, no upcycling for Alwen, she goes for the real McCoy…she bought some of the cabinets in Portland and even had one shipped from France. I just do not have the budget for that…but I am happy for her and get to go play a couple of times a year. She has motivated me to stop arranging my studio and start using it…hahaha. But seriously that woman has an amazing eye for design and display. Her entire home is a huge art installation. Even her silverware. Swoon.

  3. The swan postcard and the collaged box just grabbed me!! (The photo is now my desktop picture screen.) I am very envious over that swan. I love Google image search. In a matter of seconds, I was able to learn what it’s about (antique board game). Tres rare. Definitely envious!:)

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