Studio: the big reveal

The studio is finally finished and ready for creative endeavors and visitors.

videoΒ (not great quality)

Merci Michel pour ton aide et ton appui!


wpid-20150118_101415.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwpid-20150118_101346.jpgwpid-20150118_101351.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


36 thoughts on “Studio: the big reveal

  1. I thought your video was great ! It was fun to hang out where you hang out, even if was a short drop-in. You’re such a cool girl and that’s a cool space. I especially wanted to see the multi-paned collage work to the left of the window by your desk. That looked interesting. You have the nack for hanging things around your room. It’s all so cohesive yet each work seems to enjoy it’s own special place of honour. I always struggle with that. You outdid yourself on all the furniture projects (bravo to your hubby too). I really fancy the green piece. I wish my little work space could stay organized. It looks great about one day a month, LOL. Tally-ho my dear! Let’s get down to making stuff πŸ˜€ xo

    • Aw thanks k. I am very happy with the room. That multi paned collage piece is “jail birds “. It was a four part post last year. I sold two of the blocks and then made new ones to fill in the holes. My favourite piece is the green one too. It is not quite turquoise but still… It is pretty fine. I am busy working on a travel journal and preparing for some workshops but I will start a new project soon… I have 24 empty cigar boxes waiting to be altered ( Santa was a clever boy this year). Happy creating to you.

  2. Wilma, I am just now catching up on a lot of things. Thanks again for all your inspiration! Last week we finally emptied the guest bedroom with the sale of the queen bed and I can turn it into a crafting room now. Your studio is beautiful!!

      • a handy hubby! mine is too. i have a couple pieces of furniture he made for me. best of all, though, he makes stereos! electronics and cabinetry. we have three exquisite stereos.

        it’s almost sad when something is so perfect because it will never stay that way. but, maybe then it gets a worn in look, like good leather. πŸ™‚

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