STUDIO: cubbies by hubby

C’est le bonheur d’avoir un mari bricoleur!

Merci Michel pour ton aide et ton talent.

My husband is such a great support. He is my number one cheerleader and helper.

He has built a set of custom cubbies to mount on the studio wall.

They are made of pine and stained with dark walnut stain.

They will hold all my tools. Hurray!

Here they are with my old computer table. Painted the table legs to match.



And here they are all filled up and ready to go!




14 thoughts on “STUDIO: cubbies by hubby

  1. Look at all those goodies at reach, that alone will get the creative juices flowing. Good job hubby! You could probably sell plans for that unit and make your fortunes. I like your spot of colour with the old coffee pot too, Bam!

    • Yes, that was my mother’s camping coffee just boiled the grounds right in the pot and then strained the coffee…a wee bit disgusting but when you are camping there are no holds barred when it comes to food prep. Studio is almost, almost done. My husband has so many brownie points, he can rest on his laurels for quite awhile now.

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