STUDIO: paper filing cabinet

The studio is coming together. Next piece a paper filing cabinet from an upcycled dresser.  We found a very inexpensive tall narrow dresser at the General Salvage store. It had 8 drawers. Perfect! This is not the actual cabinet…I forgot to take a before pic but it was very similar to this.dressercollage3


Two coats of charcoal FAT paint, some light distressing and three coats of wax and it looks much better. We also added some nice trim.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe added some lovely drawer pulls and labels.








Filled up the drawers with my paper collection.










And voila the finished cabinet.



18 thoughts on “STUDIO: paper filing cabinet

    • Well now, it is summer down there I believe and my daughter is galavanting around Queensland which is pretty close, so it is very tempting …and I have a sneaking suspicion that you are a very good cook…so you never know. He he he.

  1. Its gorgeous! Great find and lovely finishing work. Is that your beautiful handwriting or a stylized font? Those pulls are also beautiful. I wish i had space for something like that. Paper tends to multiple when you enjoy it.

    • thank you Alys. The writing is a font called Zothique…I love to find new fonts, especially inky handwriting fonts like this one. This cabinet is tall and narrow so it takes slightly less space than a traditional filing cabinet and fits my papers nicely.

  2. Fantastic! I quite fancy the draw pulls and the hand writing looks very vintage to match the aesthetic of them. Did you write them or print them? (LOL, I just noticed Alys above me here and I’ve practically said what she’s said, we think our brains are connected somehow) .

    Charcoal wouldn’t be a colour I would typically choose, but it seems like the perfect colour for your projects. You’re getting so organized, it’s inspiring. First I should endeavour to pick up everything off the floor :/ xo K

    • Yes you are Alys are like twins separated at birth and adopted out…maybe that is actually what happened? The font is called Zothique and I love it. Those draw pulls really make the dresser into the filing cabinet…weird but true. We all know what colour you would have painted everything but the charcoal is working for me. 🙂

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