STUDIO – upcycled desk

Creartful dodger is still working on the new studio.

New installment upcycled desk.

Found a great inexpensive desk at a second hand shop in Chemainus.second had desk before

I knew it was meant for me because it had a world map laminated on the top. I mean really, we all know I adore maps! It was a no brainer.

Second hand shop desk with laminated map

Carted it home with glee. Charmed the Monsieur into helping me reinforce it.

Charcoal FAT Paint and Wax  worked wonders on the frame and door fronts.



Wooden knobs from the other cabinet got new life with chalk paint and collaged clock dials. (Saved moola by DIYing the drawer pulls! Feeling clever).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And Voila! What was old is new again and will be the perfect computer desk for my new studio office.




I think my little R2D2 speakers look fine perched up on there.

Feeling Fancy!

10 thoughts on “STUDIO – upcycled desk

  1. I am a map person any time your at a loss for maps let me know I will be glad to hook you up, great work on the piece. I really love those knobs you are always finding the coolest stuff, hey speaking of stuff there’s a lot of new work on my blog hint hint

  2. I initially liked this post without clicking through. Now that I see the finished result–spectacular! I’m looking forward to refurbishing old items once I’m back on the east coast.

  3. Dear Clever Dodger, très merveilleux! The drawer knobs are super cool. How did you find 6 clock faces all the same? I always fancy the colours in old maps too. It’s like a box of crayons from the 60’s. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Happy New Year dear W.

    • Bonne année Boomdee. Thank you for the compliment. The clock face is a digital image that I made 6 copies of and printed on thick matte photo paper so I could collage them on to the wooden drawer pulls. Several coats of matte spray varnish and they were done. They turned out better than anticipated.

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