Two turtle doves

Joyeux Noel 

Merry Christmas

Thank you for all of the follows and the likes and the comments.

I appreciate your support.

All the best for the coming year.

two turtle doves

Size: 5 inches by 7 inches on wooden block


13 thoughts on “Two turtle doves

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  2. I really fancy the background paper, an apartment in Paris would bankrupt ‘Santa’ but wouldn’t that be grande? Did you cut the Turtle Doves out of another old document? You do a spectacular job of it, especially around the talons, very fussy cutting required there. Cheers dear!

    • I actually did this one digitally and did my cutting with the computer mouse which is tricky indeed, I was also super sick with the most disgusting west coast cold imaginable so I didn’t do a great job because of the constant sneezing and shivering but it cheered me up to work on it. they are two different documents.

      • Well I think you did an awesome job. Dang, sorry to hear about you’re rotten cold. I’m being ruthless with my hand cleanser too, because half of Edmonton it seems is sick. Feel well soon! xK

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