Sisters : assemblage

Sisters, Sisters

There were never such devoted sisters.

Never had to have a chaperone “NO SIR!”

“I’m there to keep my eye on her”

-Irving Berlin


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ephemera: vintage photo of the dolly sisters, French antique dictionary pages, vintage handwritten letter, fragment from a vintage French school book, old colour swatch image, vintage tobacco  labels.

The found objects: old optical lenses, watch face, peacock feather, metal crow’s foot, tiny watch part vial with pearl beads, typewriter keys and game pieces to form the word sisters, vintage buttons, old heart charms, the lid of a vintage music box, old tobacco box.


12 thoughts on “Sisters : assemblage

  1. There were elements of the Rabbit Girl piece you made that I really liked but it just didn’t ‘ring my bell.’ However, when I saw this, I was like a squealing 2-year old cause every element comes together so wonderfully. To add the colored dots on each side to this piece, in my opinion, is artistic genius!!

    • Hi Trishia, yes Rabbit girl was departure for me , not really my style but I like to try new things…but this one is very much more my thing…As for artistic genius…let’s not get carried away! But I must admit that the dots are my favorite bit and I could not resist a song and dance from Bing and Danny to go with!

  2. Well I really must get one of those aqua plumes, what a riot. It’d last one day in this house with the cats, LOL. I adore those sisters in their 20’s attire. They seem so boisterous with their risky attire, bangled wrists and monocles. Not to mention the shorthair do’s, very chic. I like to try and absorb vintage images in their entirety. Imagining what kind of lives the people in the photographs lived. I think these two probably got in to a bit of trouble, men, parties and definitely drinking in that era. At least they had each other. I never had a sister, but make up for it now by adopting ones for long and lovely friendships. Did you collect those hearts over a period of time or find them all together? The metal ostrich leg is completely unexpected, like a mirage walking on from stage left..wacky W, that made me snicker 😀

    • These sisters represent my own two sisters…I am the middle of we three. the feather is for my fly tying fisherwoman older sister and the tiny vial has bling in it for my stylish younger sister…the foot I figure is for good luck. We have booked a sister week in Hawaii for 2015 and so I made this piece to get them warmed up and ready for the shenanigans…they are going to start shopping for matching bathing suits…Oh dear. Too bad we can’t take Bing and Danny, LOL

      • I’m envious of your planned sibling shenanigan filled Hawaiian trip. Matching swimsuits are off the charts, you can’t not have a few good laughs. Bon Voyage then , please take some photo’s to share.

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