Fais dodo

Fais dodo

Ma petite lapine

Ohé, ferme tes yeux

Demain tout ira mieux

Tu verras ma petite coquine

Fais dodo


Mixed media collage…trying something different.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The ephemera: fragment from a handwritten antique french letter, scrapbook paper, vintage photo.

Found objects: old checker game piece, vintage lotto numbers, zinc letter nails


8 thoughts on “Fais dodo

  1. I do hope tomorrow is brighter for your little lapine. So forlorn, even with the fun, big red buttons and pretty frock. I like your ‘something new’. I always admire the mixed media art I spy in Stampington and imagine doing something like this one day. I’m not a very good drawer though, so I’m not sure how to start. It’s fun to try new things though, all artists need to evolve.

    Hey, I just bought two limited prints from this Edmonton Artist;


    Her studio isn’t too far from my house. I love the colour and energy in her work and she often includes a bird I’ve noticed. I have a bit of an affinity for feathered friends. I just bought a wonderful feeder today. Next time you’re in town, we could arrange to see her if you’d like. She’s really cool. xo

    • Ha I have already seen her! She had a stall at the Art on Whyte Art Walk last summer when I was visiting and I was drawn to her work. So I chatted her up and got her card and I follow her here on WordPress…I love the red she uses on the sides of her pieces. So vibrant and colourful. When I am back in town we can definitely go see her together…but it’s too cold in Edmonton right now for visiting. Happy holiday season to you K.

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