London Gentlemen’s Club : assemblage

They went down to London to spend a few days at the Club.

The East India Club, number 16 Saint-James’s Square.

Away from the the toils and trials  of country life

Was  the motive one of pure pleasure: reading, gaming, brandy?

Or was there something more shifty, more sinister, afoot?

gentlemans club

the ephemera: page from a french school copy book 1889, faded green soft book cover on sides of box, weathered paper, vintage bottle label.

the found objects : stickmen from previous post, red clay poker chip, old black game dice, wooden checker pieces, spectacles, and small bottle of ochre china paint powder.

notice the hole in the head

13 thoughts on “London Gentlemen’s Club : assemblage

  1. Your collages are so inspiring. I love how you take found objects to tell a story, ya ya I know that is what’s it’s about but yours are so detail . I just can’t help myself but oogle

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  3. Hi W, how fun to see your stickmen installed into a new work. I do imagine there were more than a few shifty deals made at the ‘Gentleman’s’ club, especially after generous brandy’s. The glasses seem so apropos for a club purporting to be a type of ‘reading’ room, or that’s what they wanted their wives to think, LOL. I should think very few of your stickmen could claim ‘reading’ as one of their skills. Although the first guy on the left has hope. He’s wearing a bow-tie, that’s perhaps a sign of high-brow academics.

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