9 thoughts on “PAR-DEVANT: assemblage

  1. Such a clever set up in the card (photo?) you’ve included in your work W. It looks like the little miss and all her dolls are on a time out in there. Heavens how naughty would you have to be? Gads, maybe she’s been dismantling her playmates into pieces? The way you’ve papered the interior reminds me of flooring which only informs the notion that I’m peeking into a room to see the moment unfold. Is the card vintage? Very avant-garde for the period from which it appears to have been taken. As always, I’m left with more questions than answers when you share your work. ha, so fun. I have the notion I’m some detective of sorts or perhaps an art aficionado, always trying to figure things out. Cheers my dear.

    • Hi Trishia. I have prints for sale on Fine Art’s of America. There is a link at the front of my blog and on each individual piece that has a print available. I sell originals from a gallery here on Vancouver Island. I also sell locally out of my home studio. My friend saw my posts on Facebook and asked to buy this one and the piece titled Standing Firm. I am not set up to sell pieces over the internet however I have done so privately so you could always inquire if you are interested in something in particular. The assemblage pieces might not ship well so I am reluctant to sell those on line. I have also done some commission work but that drives me a bit crazy. One day I may set up a shop online but for now I am just too busy with life. Phew that was a long winded answer. 🙂

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