STICK MEN : assemblage bits

Boomdeadda came to play

On an island summer’s day.

She gave the gift of an old yard stick.

I chopped it into little bits…

And made stick people out of it.

I will pay to her hommage

When they show up in an assemblage.


Sorry K…the poem is a little lame but I love the gift and I hope you like what I have done with it. Here they are in sets of threes. I already have a plan in mind for three of them…he he he.  And here it is : Gentlemen’s Club

The ephemera: vintage photos, a vintage sticker, an image of an old door knob

The found objects: old typewriter keys, old game pieces, a spring, a watch face, a verdigris crown , a rusty key, a washer, a heart shaped charm, a red scrabble tile, a tiny drawer handle and of course a vintage yard stick from a Seattle paint company.

28 thoughts on “STICK MEN : assemblage bits

  1. You’ve given a whole new meaning to a “shifty” character:) And I just know that red arrow guy was made for me.hehe! On my daily walks last week, I found two pieces (a little clock hand and a metal thingamig) and immediately thought of you and how I could use my new finds in an assemblage … As always, thank you for the inspiration.

  2. LOL, you’ve made my day W! Look at all the cleverness you’ve come up with. Stick people! That’s so perfect. I’m glad I’m catching up when I have the time to enjoy every little morsel. Thank you W for the poem too, which was not one bit lame at all. It’s so my style and fun that ((you)) adopted it here for me. I’m mean really, not too many things rhyme with homage? I was immediately drawn to read the red arrow, HA! Where ever did that come from I wonder? I also love the shift key on the shifty looking stick man a lot. He’s a bit diabolical looking I’d say. Oddly, the one with the W bares resemblance to yours truly πŸ˜€ Maybe you thought so too? She ought to have smiled though. I’m always fascinated by what makes it into your art. Is that a zipper foot on that ladies head? No wonder she has ‘PAIN’ and carries the unlucky 13, LOL. Well thank you ton’s for unleashing your artistic stylings on a simple ruler. Who’d had thought? Well of course it’d be the Creartful Dodger, I hear she’s even more lovely in person. Big Hug K

    • I thought you might like this. I tried to use it in a way that made me think of you…quirky, fun, playful…I had such a good time with that yard stick. Modifying the words already there… like paint becoming pain (it’s part of a vintage type writer on her head) and wash from washington and yes the shifty one ( mugshot again…his crime….indecent exposure! ) and that red sticker was part of a collection I bought of vintage postal stickers from a woman in Australia…I have been wanting to use it for a while now. So thanks for the inspiration and for reblogging! Hugs. W.

  3. Reblogged this on Boomdeeadda and commented:
    Do you remember my post this summer about a lovely visit in Victoria that Alys and I enjoyed with Wilma? She’s taken a vintage ruler and turned it into wonderful art. Here’s a wee peek at what’s happening at the Creartful Dodger.

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