STANDING FIRM: assemblage

He was

standing firm,

sticking to his convictions,

even under close scrutiny

and in the face of dissent.

He knew he had the key

to a better future.


The lid of the box opens and closes to give a different effect.

The ephemera: vintage mugshot , vintage lighthouse postcard.

The found objects: cigar box ( thank you Tommy), antique optical lense, vintage key, old serial tag, old game piece number.

15 thoughts on “STANDING FIRM: assemblage

    • Thank you. He seemed made for this small cigar box. His name was S. Skukerman. This is his mugshot, taken on September 25, 1924 in Australia. I do not know what his crimes were…so I made up a more positive tale for him. I am glad you like the piece 🙂 I do too.

  1. Oh now that’s a fun twist. I think he’s a little creepy looking which makes sense since it’s a mugshot, ha! He seems a little too assertive in that he’s on his way to the clink. His posture, feet shoulder width apart and hand in pocket, hints of challenge. I think I wouldn’t want to mess with this guy. Good idea W, best keep him locked up in a box 😀

  2. I’m just now getting around to commenting on this. The angle of that guy’s face looking half down is quite … unsettling and mesmerizing! I wanted to tell you that this creation made me think of an image I have that would work well in this ‘spilt apart’ scenario — it’s a woman dressed in an Eiffel Tower dress:) Anyway, I’d love to offer you any image from my collection to work and create with. I’d be honored. Your choice. IF you find something you like in my Etsy shop, just let me know and I’d happily send you the digital version. I usually have them as large as 1200 dpi. Not trying to sound like an advertisement here, just feel it’s the least I can do for all of the inspiration you give in return.

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