SOUS LE VENT: assemblage

Sous le vent

Si tu crois que je t’oublie, écoute

ouvre ton port aux vents de la nuit,

ferme les yeux

et fais comme si j’avais pris la mer

j’ai sorti la grande voile et j’ai glissé sous le vent

Fais comme si je quittais la terre

J’ai trouvé mon étoile et je l’ai suivie un instant

sous le vent.

– Jacques Veneruso


The ephemera: old map of italy, vintage postcard.

Found objects: vintage fishing lure and flasher, vintage vials with china paint, vintage thread spool, old door knob, tiny coconut, vintage hinge, printer’s block X.

15 thoughts on “SOUS LE VENT: assemblage

  1. I love the crackle on the postcard, I’m using this myself on a current project. My favourite though are the tiny vials with worn labels and vintage handwriting. Have you ever used a ink and quill to write? I haven’t but love the look of it. It’s very much autumn here now, everything is golden. So I’m enjoying your sea inspired creations both for the freshness of theme and what the colours and map evoke in me. When Jim and I were in Virginia, we hired a skipper for a sail around Chesapeake Bay. His vintage sloop was entirely refurbished. Wooden decks and rails were as shiny as a piece of fine furniture. We stayed here on that visit. It’s a gorgeous B&B near the Ocean.

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