What is broken can be fixed.

Live, make mistakes.

Be afflicted but not crushed.

 Be perplexed but not driven to despair.

Restoration is possible.

                                      It is when we are broken that we seek wholeness.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ephemera: old architectural plans, vintage photos of flying french nuns, french manuscript from 1868, antique french hand written letter from the 1800s.

Found objects: frozen charlottes, old metal slide frames, a broken bit of old pottery, a vintage clay poker chip, an old door knob, a tiny blue bottle, top of a broken antique ink bottle, old print block ampersand , vintage house number and a vintage cast iron decorative detail.


13 thoughts on “BROKEN BUT BEAUTIFUL

  1. Hi W, your artful creations seem lighter to me lately. Perhaps it’s the summer sun, fresh Island breezes, salt water swims or maybe all of the above. The azure blue and white takes me around the world and back. To China and Ming Pots, Rural English scenes on dishes, Mexican tiles and now a Creartful Dodger jewel. Your writing is delicate and profound, I wish for anyone who’s hurting right now to know this too. The slide frames are very interesting with the nun photo’s. Such a juxtaposition. The frames being rather mid-century industrial while I think of nuns as so traditional……I like that mix a lot. Cheers my dear xK

    • Thanks K. I do not know if my pieces are lighter of late, I like to push myself to try different things. I tend towards neutrals and am pushing myself to use more colour. But some of the pieces are little out there like the borg queen and the jailbird with his eyes closed. When I was visiting Edmonton I bought those slide frames on Whyte ave in that vintage shop downstairs not too far from 104 th. They fit so perfectly in the box and then the nuns just seemed to want to tuck themselves in there….after that the rest of the piece came together. I appreciate your detailed comment as to what strikes you. It is interesting to me. I loved the postcard you sent, thank you.

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