She spent her days building the nest.

With care and love, it was warm, secure and nurturing.

It was her most important task in life.

Time passes and the fledglings have left

the nest empty.

The task is complete.

SOLD ( as Maple Bay Marina Gallery)


The ephemera : Old map of France, handwritten envelope destined for Paris, handmade paper with tiny twigs, old dictionary pages. Found objects: birds nest, antique key, door handle, small icon, beach glass, old crystals from a chandelier, beach stone and vintage thread.

7 thoughts on “EMPTY NEST

  1. Enjoyed the poetic narration and the lightness of your art piece W. The feathers in the nest, found stone, beach glass and letter all offer so many soft shades working harmoniously to tease the eye and really make the viewer look closely. The nest is such a beautiful gift and as you mentioned, from heaven above to your very own ocean view deck. I’m sure the little hummingbird would be so pleased too. Seems magical to me to wake to such glorious views everyday. No wonder you’re so joyful. I love that about you, your smile is quick and genuine. Thanks again for the day, it was really nice to see you again. Till next we meet, Cheers!

    • Thank you K. Yes the nest was an unexpected gift. I also enjoyed our day with Alys in Victoria. I am truly blessed to live here. Enjoy your new home in the garden district. I hope the air con is working.

  2. I would love to know how you transformed the door knob into a Paris clock. Are you willing to divulge your secret:) Am I correct in ascertaining that you live in beautiful Victoria, BC? Lucky you! Used to see the lights at night from my bedroom window across the strait in Port Angeles.

    • Hi Trishia
      I do live on Vancouver Island but one hour north of Victoria…Port Angeles is lovely. I love driving up Hurricane Ridge to see the wild flowers and views in the summer and Dungeness Spit is another favorite spot. I bought the door knob already transformed at a furniture shop the specializes in refurbishing vintage pieces.Everything else in this assemblage is authentic vintage except the nest which I found.

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