MOUVEMENT: étude du squelette

The three of them moved as one, with grace and strength, always together and yet always restricted by the watchful and critical eye of propriety.

SOLD (at Bound to Be Different)

Inside the Box

Main Box:The grace, strength and beauty of the three of them united in movement and affection.

Lid:The strict eye of Victorian society, censoring and judging them for their alternative life style.

The ephemera: Vintage dancer/acrobat photo; vintage pharmacie label, vintage postage stickers, page from French school workbook from 1886.
Found objects: lid from an ink bottle, electrical tag, old fuse, clock part, vintage key tag from the Empress Hotel, dolls leg, old folded ruler, vintage metal slide cover, vintage house number and an old cigar box.

8 thoughts on “MOUVEMENT: étude du squelette

  1. Oh how fun, men in tights must have really turned heads back in the day. The Empress key tag is a great find, did you just come across it in town? It’s funny that the number 13 is still clearly visible, what’s with that number?

    • I3, I know right! It pops up everywhere! I bought a big bag of keys at a local artist’s garage sale…(she is on wordpress mckitt123 she commented on this piece too) and there were some very cool key tags in the bag…two of them were ripped bits from the Empress Hotel…and some were metal tags…SCORE! I guy who arrived just before me scooped up a huge haul of vintage metal post office box tags…she made him give me some as he was leaving…every time I use them she is pleased.

      • LOL, She *made* him share….you probably won him over with a big smile. It’s so fun to score something you covet at a garage sale. I really should try and get to some this summer.

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