Swanning around the Jardin de Fleurs, floating in a dream of turquoise and seafoam, reading and re-reading the love letter from Paris. “Comment prouver mon amour…. ” sigh!

This piece was made specially for a friend I have not yet met, and she loves turquoise and seafoam.

GIFTED to Kelly

jardin de fleurs


The ephemera: old french door and window, vintage garden sign, Georges Buffon’s swan, botanical flower illustration, snippet from a French love letter written in 1900  (found at a flea market in Paris by Creartfuldodger.)


11 thoughts on “JARDIN DE FLEURS

  1. OH! I think I know who your friend is…….!!! Aren’t you just lovely. The colours are fabulous, as you know they speak of my heart. We shall toast to creativity and Paris!! Till then, Bravo!

  2. Bonjour W, Just popping in to let you know Alys is having a vintage stamp give away at Gardening Nirvana. They were collected by her dear Dad many many years ago. I was gifted some a bit ago and now she’s offering to readers. If it’s something you might like to use, check out the post here http://gardeningnirvana.com/2014/08/04/vintage-postage-a-daughters-love-letter-and-a-blogging-giveaway/

    Hope to hook up next week 😀 I’ll text you xk

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