MIND MAP: altered portrait collage

As the map of her mind began to form she was encouraged by first her family and then her teachers to think deeply and make connections. Her mind map then formed many paths, intricate and interwoven leading to a future full of possibility.

creartful dodger collage mind map


The ephemera: vintage photo, old map of Marseille.


7 thoughts on “MIND MAP: altered portrait collage

    • Thank you. It is also a political commentary on the battle for public education that is raging in our province…I fear that the we are headed down the path of our neighbours to the south…sad times.

  1. Such an angelic little one. When I looked at her, I thought, “oh, she’s just pretty as a peach” and noticed the map is also a vintage, time-worn, peach tone. So that worked perfectly in my minds eye. Enjoyed your narration too my dear, K

    • Merci K. I made it home despite the smoky ashes and a flock of birds blocking the runway…had to run to make my connecting flight over to the island but I made it. Thanks for the lovely time.

      • Well good thing you’re fit! It was my pleasure, thanks for making time on your trip. You left just in time. Oh the smoke with heat is relentless. We’re having really poor air quality for the last two days. It was 27 C with thick smoke, you could almost see the ash. We’re forecast for some rain tomorrow that should help. I guess we got lucky on our outing.

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