STAMPED: digital collage


Her experiences were stamped on her face as if they had been written there for all to see.

She wears each wrinkle and each imperfection proudly, like badges of honour.


The ephemera: vintage photo, handwritten French letter from the 1800s, vintage botanical drawing of seaweed, vintage French envelope with stamps and postmarks.

This is a departure for me in both subject matter and technique. More altered portraits to come.


15 thoughts on “STAMPED: digital collage

    • I am soooo glad to hear that because the Mister disagrees with you. Hahahaha.I love it when he is wrong. Hey Boomdeeada FYI Creartfuldodger will be in Edmonton sometime in mid July to visit offspring and make sure said first born is actually eating his vegetables and staying out of trouble.

      • Oh how fabulous! We just moved into a house this weekend in Riverdale. Very much central and downtown area. Can we plan a coffee hookup? Will you have time? Send me an email and we can kibitz the details. Just click on my gravatar of the address.I’d love to get together 😀

  1. If I ever become famous, I would like you to immortalize me with your talents. I hope I become a worthy subject to explore and render into two-dimensions with endless interpretations like this image here.

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