Jailhouse Rock

The warden threw a party in the county jail.

The prison band was there and they began to wail.

The band was jumpin’ and the joint began to swing.

You should’ve heard those knocked out jailbirds sing.


Lyrics by A. Schroeder et. al.



Elvis Presley (The king) “Lay it on me daddy-O”

jail bird 16 clipped

jail bird 13 clipped



The ephemera: Muybridge’s man with a hat, old mugshots, natural history owl, vintage tickets, old mail labels, ledger pages, a handwritten French letter from the 1800s, a vintage london hotel luggage sticker and an old undertakers calling card.


Here is the complete collection assembled in its frame. ( 20 inches by 20 inches square)  The blocks can be moved around as your fancy takes you. See blue collection and green collection for more about how the blocks can move in the frame.

jail bird collection done







5 thoughts on “JAIL BIRDS: A COLLECTION part 4

  1. Fantastic composition with big impact with them all in a frame. Now criminal #14621 is in a class of his own. What’s with that hair? He looks like one crazy banana you wouldn’t want to meet up with.

      • LOL…..righty-O and I’m a super model. I hadn’t noticed that, thanks for mentioning it. So much details in those cards. They’re great.

  2. I can well imagine the whole composition on a large poster or as a tablecloth or printed on linen with a frame to put on a wall, great colours and soo wellput together. Great work!

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