It wasn’t me, it was the one armed man!  (The Fugitive)

Were they framed?

That is for you to decide.

Here is part two of the JAIL BIRD collection.




The ephemera: natural history owl illustrations, old mug shots, flying nuns (or are they?) , hotel luggage label, mail stickers, whiskey label, playing card, old ledger pages and vintage bingo cards.


4 thoughts on “JAIL BIRDS: A COLLECTION part 2

  1. I’ve always loved old time handwriting and also admire it for the fact that they didn’t have ball point pens. I wish I could find a free font that replicates it. Odd, I do think that ‘John O’Brien’ does look like Conan O’Brien with a moustache. Must be the high cheekbones and cleft chin.

    • Yes the hats are quite a statement don’t you think? Lol. It does seem to me, that it would be a most excellent disguise for the more discriminating and fashion conscious criminal.

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