Jail birds, captured and imprisoned. What were their crimes? That is for you to discover. Follow the clues.

This is a 4-part post. There will be 16 jail blocks in all : each with their own tale, each one part of the whole sad story.

jail birds 2 clipped

jail bird 4 clipped




The ephemera: vintage mugshots, various old receipts, natural history owl illustration, vintage hotel sticker,  registered mail label, an old house number from an establishment in Chinatown, an old coupon and an antique playing card ( thank you to http://wingsofwhimsy.wordpress.com/ for this image )


10 thoughts on “JAIL BIRDS : A COLLECTION part 1

      • ah, I see ;-). Is there an equivalent expression in French? I am interested in languages and find such “catching” expressions very intriguing and often very amusing…

  1. I’m mesmerized by your last mugshot. There’s so much information on the card and he seems to be staring right at us. I even big-a-fy’d your art to get a good look. It says he’s a 27 year old sales man. His eyes are piercing and with those cheek bones, he could model in our era.

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