YOU’VE GOT MAIL: altered post cards

You’ve got mail Harvey….from Juliette. That poor little Belgian girl that you mislead with your winning ways. Now she writes to you imploring you to answer her, to love her. At first the postcards are in French and then she learns English, to please you. She is hoping you will reply. Little does she know that you also receive postcards from Jane and Helga and Maria and others…Did she live a life of bitterness, cursing those drat Canadians or did she find someone after the war was over…maybe she went on to lead a happy life. We will never know.



Here is the long suffering Juliette. And on the reverse….
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The nuns get into the wine.

Yet another missive from Juliette…She has hand drawn a speech bubble with the letter H for Harvey. And on the reverse….

The circus is here, arriving by paquebot. Maybe Juliette went to cheer herself up.

Voila Jane, a more sensible English paramour, who only wrote once to charming Harvey. And on the reverse…. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   

Jane’s bicycle and a few  dancing girls to spice things up.

And finally here is Harvey ( on the left). Are we being too harsh with you Harvey. You are awfully young and it was the Great War after all and you were far from home. Still, you could have been kinder to Juliette. And on the reverse…..



Mugshots and turpentine.. not very subtle I admit. But that is how it is Harvey.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Thank you to Lori for gifting me your uncle Harvey’s postcards. He is long gone but his        exploits live on.

14 thoughts on “YOU’VE GOT MAIL: altered post cards

    • Yes well, he died before Lori was born…so we will never know…but he did keep all his postcards so he gets brownie point for that at least. Did you see your stamps in the previous post, I thought they looked well.

  1. These are fabulous!! And I really love the Muybridge-pictures in there 😀 Did you alter real antique postcards? If they are copies, you did an amazing job at making them look original!

    Gunnvor Karita 🙂

  2. Hi Gunnvor these are real antique postcards from World War one. My friend gave me the collection and there were about 25 postcards so I decided to use the originals. I am planning to give them back to her in their altered state but shhhh she doesn’t know yet. I love Muybridge too. I am working on a new big piece for an upcoming art show and I am using one of your playing card images in it. When I post it I will link to you. Thanks

  3. There was something he had forgotten. It was there. Just to the left of his memory . In the foggy part where dreams go to sleep. He shrugged. If it was important it would come to him. He hoisted his kit bag on to his shoulder. Picked up his valise. Then boarded the tramp steamer never to return to the bitter Canadian cold He couldn’t sleep. The tropical nights were to hot, too humid, to enclosing. Then the memory came back. Juliette!! He had left her address behind.

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