Painting over the aunties

I wanted to try a new technique of using gesso and paint over glossy photos…so I decided to paint over the Aunties. I do not think they would mind. I have turned them into thank you cards that I will give to relatives next time a thank you card is in order…which happily for me, is quite often, in my family.

Juanita and Wilma ( Neta and Billy) on the swing on Galiano Island 1926.
greeting card 2

Shirley and Nona under the umbrella, Chemainus 1941.greeting card 1

6 thoughts on “Painting over the aunties

    • Hi Tuula
      Unfortunately I do not give classes at this time. I have a full time job and a family that keep me very busy. I know that you are local, my sister mentioned your name to me. You might try Island Blue Print in Victoria, I know an excellent collage artist in Victoria who sometimes gives workshops there. There is a link to her blog belle brocante on my home page.Her work is stunning and she is an excellent teacher. Good luck.

  1. I adore old photo’s and can spend hours hunting thru box’s even when I don’t know the people. I admire their fashion or cars. I especially love the ’40’s and really like what you’ve done with Shirley and Nona 😀

  2. I love old photos too. This one in particular. Shirley and Nona were teenagers then. They met at school and became fast friends. Nona took Shirley home to meet her family. Nona told her brother George that this was the last girl she would introduce him to. So… he married her. They were my parents. They all lived long and happy lives. And though they are all gone now…their stories remain. .This photo under the parasol evokes the beginning of a life long friendship between my mother and her sisters in law.

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