THE PASSING OF TIME : photo collage

Lichen, moss, chipped paint and rust…the passing of time leaves it’s mark on that which is made by nature and that which is made by man.


A photo collage of greenish patina, the pictures were taken in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in the dying days of 2013 and new years day 2014.

This is not my usual style but I wanted to try something different and it now is happily hanging in my living room, adding a bit of serenity to my busy, busy life.

2 thoughts on “THE PASSING OF TIME : photo collage

  1. I love it! You’ve done such a good job of keeping the scale similar in each composition and the layout is really appealing. Did you spend hours moving them around? It’s like a quilt made by mother nature. Full of my favourite colour too. Love that sea foam green. Very pretty but not in a frue-frue way.

    • Thank you….I used the macro lens on my camera which helped with the scale and I greened everything up with photo shop…love green and turquoise šŸ™‚ ! And yes I did spend hours moving them around…do I move from nature to man ( plants, moss, stone to rust and paint or do I go light to dark, or do I go random? Ahhh the angst but finally it just worked…thanks for asking.

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