A MURDER OF CROWS  pt. 2: The Chimney Sweep.

Monsieur le chimney sweep swoops down the flue sweeping it clean, to keep that petrol bill at a reasonable rate.

Vintage French Petrol bill, old gauge, vintage crow, old chimney..


2 thoughts on “CHIMNEY SWEEP : collage

    • Hello. Thank you for the lovely comment and the interest in my art. I regret to inform you that I am no longer dealing with Fine Art America, it was not worth it for me. I thought I had removed the link on all of the posts but i see that I was remiss. I apologize for that. I am only selling originals locally. My work is generally small as I use original papers and I keep my prices affordable. I am considering setting up an internet shop later this year. If that happens I will post it here on wordpress. Best wishes.
      W. Millette. 😊

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