WATER TOWER : collage

A crow at work. Watching from the Water tower. Checking on the gauges. All systems ready to go. SOLD

This is number one in a series of three mixed media collages called “A MURDER OF CROWS”.  Probably one of the greatest collective nouns around A MURDER. It is right up there with A GAGGLE!  Flock and School just fade in comparison really.

10 thoughts on “WATER TOWER : collage

  1. Crows are everywhere right now: in my yard, in the book I am reading, in a movie I watched last night and now here! A murder of crows in my life at just the perfect time of year!
    Hi Ho,

    • One crow for sorrow,
      Two crows for joy,
      Three crows for a girl,
      Four crows for a boy,
      Five crows for silver,
      Six crows for gold,
      Seven crows for a secret never to be told.

      There you go Elephant…more crows.

      • I like crows and music! Thank you for sending me such a nice reply!


        PS I don’t see a crow right now, but I hope when I do there will be more than one!

  2. I like all the mash up of seemingly disparaging items into one art piece. What a great image of an old water tower. Do you photo copy onto your ledger or are you using digital images? Really great!

    • Thanks I am happy with the piece. The third in the series is in progress. Sometimes I do reverse transfer using golden matte medium and sometimes I use tissue paper but in this case I used photoshop elements to layer the water tower over the ledger. I LOVE all three methods.

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