A selection of vintage treasures gleefully collected from various vintage summer sales. The bounty paid for from the sale of my work.  Hurray!


Foot tall, industrial letters with lovely patina…. X Y Z  ….Y not?


A bird cage, a vanity case and my new, old lunch box!


A storage box for my hardware.


A school atlas from 1878 discounted because it is grungy Bahaha!


Plan of Paris with pull out maps , YES!


A handful of labels…so lovely.

Sigh, time to go back to my other life of long hours at work and only stolen moments of art and junking…Sigh.


16 thoughts on “X, Y, Z AND OTHER TREASURES

    • Well I got them at a stall at the Moss Street Paint In, this summer in Victoria…but you can get those letters at Trade Winds on Herald Street in Victoria, they are a bit expensive there but sometimes they come on sale. I love them but my husband was a tad taken aback when I arrived home with them hahahaha.

  1. Love all your treasures. Where did you end up using those fab letters? I just reno’d a vintage suitcase for a friend and wanted to link up with others who enjoy old ‘Stuff’. cheers.

    • Hi Boomdeeadda ( love the name) those letters are for wall art for my new industrial look kitchen renovation that hasn’t happened yet and just might be a figment of my imagination unless I can motivate a certain man in my life who renovates other peoples houses for a living but not ours LOL. how is that for a run on sentence!

      • HA, I hear that from other girls too. Hubbies get to their houses (or cars) last. Thank you for your kind reply. I’ve been blogging for almost two years and having a ball.

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