Vintage Tags: Oddities and Family

More Vintage Tags from my kitchen table pop-up  factory.

Daughter: What are you making now?

Me: Vintage art tags

Daughter: Why?

Me: Because the idea came to me and I just had to do it.

Daughter: But…what will you do with them?

Me: I don’t know … it doesn’t matter really .

Daughter: You are a strange little woman but I love you.

Family support….priceless.


tag 10 copy

My mother and aunt as teenagers during the Second World War. The backing for the tag is my mothers old school copy book. The numbers below are from a food ration booklet from the same era. The photo has been layered with a receipt from a piano manufacturer.

tag 7 copy

Mr. Poppins! Thanks to the Graphics  Fairy for the image. I layered the image with an old French receipt. More food ration tickets finish off the tag.

tag 9 copy

Watering the cabbage patch. Just love this old post card. So quirky. The backing is the cover of a vintage book that was being discarded from the library. A French ticket under the grommet finishes it off.

13 thoughts on “Vintage Tags: Oddities and Family

  1. Would it be all right with you if I re-blogged a post from you? You do not have a proper number of followers! The world is waiting. I just came onto your blog and looked through the posts – they are all wonderful. So, if the spirit moves me – is it okay if I re-blog?

    • Sure if you like….When I started this blog one year ago, it was just an online portfolio of my work so I could give my card to people that wanted to see more of my work. I didn’t think about followers and likes and the internet. I didn’t really know about blogs and how they work. The stats are not really important to me but they are interesting. The positive feed back from other creative people has been very encouraging.and I have been very inspired by other people’s blogs. I am finding the whole experience quite enjoyable. Thank you for your encouragement and feed back Elephant. PS I told my daughter this morning I liked her better than soup. She just rolled her eyes. LOL.

      • I have been thinking all day about liking things better than soup! I was even thinking I should have an award – the “I like you better than soup award!” No questions and no requirements – I just like some people’s blogs and they give me pleasure – just like soup! Glad you told your daughter – someday she will realize it is a great compliment.

        Please, I am very small and sad when it comes to blogs. I don’t have one thing on my blog to search or look at archives – they take up space and I like my illustrations to be BIG! I am a total dud when it comes to having a nice blog. But I do enjoy seeing people’s work – it pleases me no end to view my “reader” and see so many wonderful images. I know how much I enjoy your work – so I would just like other people to have the chance to have that pleasure. I hope you don’t think I am nuts – just a fan and I take pleasure in your beautiful work (just like soup!)!!

      • Hahaha. No I do not think you are nuts. I enjoy your illustration posts as I am a fan of vintage books and text. You are welcome to share my work I am honoured that it gives you pleasure.
        French Apple

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