Chimère de Paris: assemblage

Chimère de Paris, perché là-haut son regard réflétant le témoignage des siècles d’histoire


He is well, perched up there so high, his view is of the Seine and the roof tops of Paris.

Ah, the sights he has witnessed over the centuries. Yet his gaze remains poised and steady.



4 thoughts on “Chimère de Paris: assemblage

    • Thanks Elephant, I actually took the picture and the vintafied it with my computer. Vintafied is my new word…I made it up. It means to grunge up a modern photo or object so it looks like it might be vintage. You do not necessarily need a computer to vintafy something or someone. LOL.

      • I devintafy things! But I like the way you vintafied this gargoyle.
        My life has vintafied me a bit – very naturally, but the years tick by and vintafication is bound to occur!
        Good work and good words!

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