Flea Market Finds for the studio

My last trip to Paris and London was over a year ago now…sigh. Nottinghill , Spitalfields, Bricklane, St. Ouen, Vanves...double sigh.

Ah the treasures we find at the flea market! Somethings made it home, some did not.


Ma boutique préférée à St. Ouen : Tombées du Camion...le paradis!


Can one have too many antique bird cages?  I think not.


Some things made it home: old love letters from 1901, legal documents on parchment from the 1800s, old keys, escutcheons, doll eye balls, old house numbers, a wooden spool and a printers tray and some wooden letters.


Some things did not make it home: a old prosthetic leg attached to rather large underpants.

and a valise chockablock full of taxidermy ducklings.


They really wanted to come to Canada but hélàs no room!


5 thoughts on “Flea Market Finds for the studio

  1. I think you made a wise decision about the artificial leg “attached to rather large underpants”! Pretty sure this leg would get up all by itself and dance around by the light of the full moon! Best left far from home!
    Nice post – thanks,

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