While I was OFF THE TROPICS (see previous post) my cat decided to use my art archive box as her kitty litter. I lost 8 pieces !  Arrrghhh!

Lessons learned

forgiveness: I forgive you YOUKI.

letting go:  Its not good to be too attached, even to my art work

communication: young adult sons do not understand the concept of change the kitty litter often in the same way I do. What is often?

organization: I should keep my most precious supplies and boxes off the floor of the studio.

opportunity: I will get a chance to rework some pieces.

R.I.P. the lab creations are now of the past…ephemeral art work. So be it.


Sigh…I am being so good about this that I think I deserve chocolate and red wine…and lots of it.

14 thoughts on “CATartrophe!

  1. Cats always punish us for our dirty ways – not cleaning their litter box enough – what they must think of us! Sorry about your work. But I’m sure a bit of wine and chocolate will help the pain!

  2. Sorry to hear about the loss of your art. Is there enough wine and chocolate for a situation like that? I think perhaps an expedition to one of your favourite junk shops may also be necessary.

    • Hi Anna, thanks. I do believe you are right, and since I have recently sold a few pieces I think I should blow all profits on more to the salvage shop next Saturday morning….I feel more cheery already.

  3. OMG, that is awful AND hilarious. I’m a computer consultant, and I work from home, and I don’t know how many times Wyatt Merp jumped up on the keyboard and hit the SEND button before I’d proofed an email!

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