THE BORROWER: shadow box

The borrower swoops in to make off with your most prized possessions…the love letter from Berthe; your best horse’s tooth; your tiniest poison bottles; your magic crystal; your old tv tubes. He gleefully watches over them with a lock and key and waits, for your back to turn, so he can return to scamper off with more treasures for his hoard.

GIFTED to Robert


Big shadow box (13″ X 13″). (SOLD)


DETAILS: poison bottles, crystal, lock and key, t.v. tubes, watch front, a gauge, watch parts, old horse tooth, antique clock gears, an old tap, a label from a bottle of  Chateau Neuf du Pape, a 1908 French love letter from Berthe,  the ace of spades, an old slide ruler, an old French receipt from a Parisian chemist lab and a French document from 1794.

shelves 2 shelves

I must admit that this piece is somewhat autobiographical….

NEWS FLASH: This piece was chosen as one of three out of more than 100 entries in the CVAC Spring Art Show by judges to have a jury talk and won one of the BEST IN SHOW awards. Apparently it will go off with the others on a tour of other galleries in the area before returning home to roost.

13 thoughts on “THE BORROWER: shadow box

    • Thanks Anna, it really is me you know, I am always collecting other people’s discarded junk! LOL. I am thinking of entering this piece in our local spring art fair…I hope no one wants their stuff back!

    • Robert, t’es donc ben niaiseux, tu sais ben que je te te donnerai ou un semblable quand tu viendras en visite, Je ne te le shipperai pas par exemple, trop fragile!

    • Thanks, I love them too, it was hard to choose which loot to put in the piece but these items just seemed right at the end. I love your blog. It makes me want to come back to London treasure hunting, I love Brick Lane and Spitalfields markets, looks like I need to go to Greenwich too. 🙂

      • I love to visit London and have been several times but no, I have never lived there. I live on a beautiful island in Canada…but London Treasure hunting with a buddy sounds like great fun! 😉

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