Pour ma fille Zoé en souvenir de ses six mois à Paris: sa première grande aventure sans sa famille. Un tableau destiné pour son premier appartement. Je lui souhaite bien d’autres aventures.   

A departure for me from my usual collage and altered art. A vintage type bus roll of favourite Paris places for my daughter. A souvenir of past adventures to kick off new ones, in her new city.



Step one choose place names, fonts. Arrange that the words are more or less the same length adjusting the size and spacing. Blow up to correct size using photocopy machine. Cover canvas (18 inches by 36 inches) with black gesso. Cover back of text with thick layer of chalk. Tape to canvas.


Step two:

With a sharp pencil carefully trace the outlines of all the letters. Remove paper to reveal the transferred letters.


Step three:

Paint in the letters with white acrylic paint. Correct errors with black sharpie pen or black gesso.

Wipe off the chalk with a damp cloth.

Protect with a couple of coats of matte varnish.


Or you could just order one on line for a few hundred CAD dollars. It was time consuming but enjoyable and cost about 30 CAD to make.


2 thoughts on “BUS ROLL

    • I had no idea either LOL. I am so happy with it. I used a ruler and a sharpie to correct imperfections and after two coats of matte varnish you can’t tell. I think I’ll make another one maybe a copy of an authentic bus route in London. Maybe you could do one for cutting up to make one of your bags!

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