CALL BOX: assemblage

An old telephone dial, old papers, a doll’s eye from Paris, an old green door knob, a watch face…what shall we do with you?  SOLD 🙂


Finished assemblage cradled in the right hand waiting to be played with.



The dial actually works and makes a lovely whirring noise while making the eye ball spin.

Check out the you tube video to see it work

Do you still remember your old phone number?

4 thoughts on “CALL BOX: assemblage

  1. Very cool (in a slightly creepy kind of way). Yes, I remember my old phone number back when we had only four digits: 6510 (that’s a local New Zealand number from the ’70s)!

    • Mine was 246 9045 …we had a party line…sharing with several neighbours so sometimes you had to wait your turn to call and we all had different rings. And I agree that it is slightly creepy…I am putting it in my kitchen and making everyone who comes over dial their old numbers and make the eye ball spin. LOL.

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